Thou Winter Wind

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The crisp in the winter hues, the elated quietness of the winter dawn and a cashmere coat, that’s my sort of winters! And, well, boots! Winters is all about boots for me and a big reason for my inclination towards the season.

For this post, I have paired up my favorite winter items from my closet: the Michael Kors coat has always had my dirty eye on it with its perfect length, its adjustable belt and the edgy buckles and buttons. I’ve cinched the waist with the belt for a feminine edge to the look. For the bottom, I’m just wearing a pair of black stockings, though, for colder days, I would replace the stockings with a dull blue pair of jeans or just my black leggings. Going ahead to my favorite word of winters: boots (considering winters in India are very short lived). I’m wearing my favorite Steve Madden’s Willits in brown colour. To end my look, I’m wearing this four-solid-coloured scarf that I picked up from H&M for very cheap. The square scarf has four colors which kind of breaks the monotony of the navy colour of the coat. That’s about it: my niche outfit for any winter day or night!






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