Festivities, Frill and Fringes

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Well, the Coachella festival or the festival season, is an annual three-day music and art festival held in the Colorado Desert, California. The festival which was initially known to be fashion for its Bohemian outfits, metamorphosed into a weekend of music, super-stylish concert goers and a place that marks the beginning of their personal summer style. From denim cutoffs to fringe galore, chunky metallic jewelry, chic boho dresses and boots. Apart from the concerts, the Coachella pool parties and after parties is another reason it attracts so many people. The Revolve and the Victoria Secret’s party was quite an attraction in the first weekend of the festival and the place where you could find all the fashion people. Well, you can never get enough of the Coachella style!

Although, I couldn’t go to the festival, we can always find an excuse to put an ensemble! Here’s my Coachella themed outfit. I wore a cute boho skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch with a denim jacket and metallic jewelry. I went for solid white block heels from Zara and a white handbag from Guess, to end a look with a chic edge.







I will be posting more Coachella themed outfits on my Instagram tomorrow. So, stay tuned for more festival frills and fringes!


Guntaj Arora

Photographs: Ekonkar Singh


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