Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review

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The product I’m going to talk about is a recently launched formula by Dior and my current favorite for a no-makeup look. Dior’s Addict Lip Tattoo as described by Dior is a ‘lip tint with a bare lip sensation’. It’s quite long-lasting (6-10 hours) and fuses in like a tattoo on your lips seconds after application. Being a non-transfer formula, it claims to give you kiss-proof lips devoid of staining.

I got this product while on an airport haul and I almost use it every day. It’s perfect for people who are skeptic about make-up and even for makeup lovers who can use it underneath for a long wear. The tint has a sheer color that boosts the natural color of the lips and its hydrating formula leaves your lips plump. So, while it provides a natural color to your lips, it gives a luminous finish as well.

The Packaging:

The Dior Addict Lip Tattoo comes in a matte finished bottle with ‘Dior’ embossed on one side. It has the signature Dior top and the packaging looks very chic overall. The Lip Tattoo comes in 6 shades (ranging from Nude to Berry) as of now and each bottle is colored in the shade of the tint. The shade I bought is ‘Natural Pink’ that comes in a chic bright pink bottle.


The Lip Tattoo is basically a colored tint that gives a bare lip look while it leaves the lips with a luminous finish. The small doe tip wand is designed to follow the contour of the lips and cover them efficiently. The shades are created to boost the natural color of the lips that stays for about 6-10 hours. Therefore, it gives a commendable semi-opaque long-wear to the lips.


The formula of the lip tattoo strikes a perfect balance between colorants, oil, and water that results in avoiding any stickiness and yet gives a luminous finish to the lips. It has a water like consistency where the water dries out after seconds of application and leaves behind the feeling of bare lips. The formula is so weightless on the lips that it feels like nothing at all when applied. Though it dries out after a few hours, I love how it hydrates my lips.


  1. It’s perfect for a no-makeup look.
  2. An impeccable long wear of up to 10 hours.
  3. It gives a luminous and hydrating finish to lips.
  4. The formula is weightless on lips and doesn’t feel sticky.
  5. The formula is a no-transfer and kiss-proof lip stain.


  1. Dries out after a few hours.
  2. It’s only good for a bare lip look.
  3. Settles into the fine lines if you have dry lips.

Overall Conclusion:

I really liked the way this tint gives a bare lip effect while fusing in to boost my natural lip color. The formula is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The one problem I had was that it dried out after a few hours and I had to re-apply it or coat it with a lip balm. Also, the formula is very fluid, so it can be difficult to apply sometimes, as it might run down the contours of the lips. But, overall I love this product for a no-makeup look and I found it much better than the other tints available like the Benetint. It is indeed a laudable formula.


If you have any other questions regarding the product, please leave them in the comments below!

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