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The product that I’m going to talk about today has been my beauty cult favorite, since the time I’ve laid my hands on it. Bobbi Brown is personally my favorite make-up brand and this particular product has clasped my attention and admiration.

I’m the kind of girl who is prone to dark circles and tired eyes out of sleep deprivation (anything under 7-8 hours). There was a time when I used to hardly sleep for 3-4 hours and the result was: big dark circles peeking along the entire day. This was when I was first suggested this product by the Sephora salesperson and it has been my go-to product since then.

The Bobbi Brown corrector is basically designed to correct discoloration under the eyes and to correct the blemishes or sallow skin. It is basically designed to be used with a concealer on top of it to give full coverage. Correctors and concealers are quite different and they work distinctly. While concealers are used to cover dark circles and uneven patches on the skin, using a concealer alone can sometimes giving a grayish look with dark circles still a bit visible. This is because of the discoloration under the eyes. This is when the correctors are used to either disguise the red/blue veins or the blemishes or to cover really dark circles.

The Bobbi Brown corrector comes in 16 different shades and two different tones: Bisque and Peach. So, basically they have a huge variety of colors and I’m sure you can find your perfect match. The Bisque tone is pink-based and is great for blueness/purpleness under the eyes, while the Peach shade is orange-based and works well to disguise the brown and green under the eyes. I went for the ‘Peach’ shade because of the brown discoloration under my eyes as a result of sleep-deprived nights. The shade works perfectly for me and I mostly use it without a concealer to give a natural effect.


I’m going to break down what I think about the corrector in the following categories:

1.The Packaging:   

The product comes in a compact packaging with a mirror, which is absolutely lovely! The packaging is very small in comparison to the price but once you start using it, you would realize that a little bit goes a long way and you only need a bit of product for the magic to work. The packaging is also very small and light-weight, so it is easy to carry and ideal for travel as well.

2. Coverage:

The corrector is basically designed to be used with the creamy concealer for the dark circles to be completely disguised as stated on Bobbi Brown’s website, but I mostly use it without the concealer because the corrector is enough for me and I like to keep the look rather light. The product brightens the under-eye area and corrects the discoloration. The people who have big dark circles would need the concealer too, to hide them completely. So, I would say it gives a medium coverage.

3. Consistency:

The texture of the product is thick, creamy and highly pigmented. If you have dry skin under your eyes, it’s better to moisturize it first, otherwise, it would give a dry or flaky effect.  Though it makes your under-eye fine lines less visible, if you have dry skin, it might make the fine line emphasize because of its thick texture. I like to dab the product with my fingers instead of using makeup brushes, because a brush would leave it rather dry. I still like the creamy texture of the product, as it perfectly corrects the discoloration.

My critical review of the product:


1.Completely resolves the discoloration under the eyes.

2. Easy to apply, you can just dab it with your fingers.

3. It has a dense yet creamy texture.

4. Covers the fine lines too.

5. It does not wear off during long hours of wear.


1.A bit expensive for the quantity.

2. Makes fine lines visible if you have dry skin.

3. Might cause creasing during a long wear.

Overall Conclusion:

Overall, I love this corrector and even after trying more products for my under eyes, I keep going back to this one. It gives a wonderful coverage and corrects the brown discoloration under my eyes. They also have a wide variety of shades and the pink tone shades can be used to correct the blues under the eyes. Though the price might seem a bit much, you just need a little product, so it goes on for long.

Definitely recommended!




If you have another question about the product, you can leave them in the comments below. A lot more beauty reviews coming this summer!


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