Black With Black With Black

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It’s been quite some time since I posted on the blog; I was tangled up in my exams’ emotional dilemma and pride. But, I have been styling a lot of looks together simultaneously, that I would be posting in the coming weeks. Today, I’m bringing you my saviour shade of all time: black.

From the little black dress to the black velour tracksuit, black has been a shade that dominates my closet. This time, I did a complete black outfit with a  light colored bag to break the monotony of the outfit and this too makes the bag standout.

For this outfit, I have paired up a black Zara blouse with a choker neck and flared sleeves, that I absolutely adore! Moving to the bottoms, I’m wearing these flared Zara pants that are currently my favorite as they are super comfortable and works perfectly for the ascending warm season.

To break the monotony of the entire black outfit, the white and light beige Michael Kors handbag works smoothly. The outfit overall works semi-formally but you can wear it up with statement heels and work the outfit as a lounge wear. Black never fails to deny the upbeat.








Where would you possibly wear this outfit? Leave your thought in the comments below. Also I have been working on the beauty section lately, stay tuned to read the beauty reviews!


Guntaj Arora

Photos: Ekonkar Singh





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10 thoughts on “Black With Black With Black”

  1. This is such a beautiful and chic outfit; I particularly love the oversized sunglasses. This outfit could be so perfect for so, so many occasions.

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