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Denim Overall

Posted by The Brown Spectacle

Denim has a resistant nature of staying through every season, every year. Denim wasn’t only profoundly as a streetwear this year but has also made its popular appearance on the runway with ‘denim’ jeans’ as a statement wear. 

Chic Wrap Skirt

Posted by The Brown Spectacle

After being MIA for a few days and launching the new issue of my magazine Miracle, I wanted to do a summer chic look on the blog. While wrap skirts have been a comparatively diminishing trend over past few years, it’s my retreat. I have found a way to keep them rather chic while keeping my favorite monotone in the outfit.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review

Posted by The Brown Spectacle

The product I’m going to talk about is a recently launched formula by Dior and my current favorite for a no-makeup look. Dior’s Addict Lip Tattoo as described by Dior is a ‘lip tint with a bare lip sensation’. It’s quite long-lasting (6-10 hours) and fuses in like a tattoo on your lips seconds after application. Being a non-transfer formula, it claims to give you kiss-proof lips devoid of staining.

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Timeless Dressing

Posted by The Brown Spectacle

My personal style has evolved a lot over the years. Florals turned into subtle florals, color choices shifted towards black, white and other somber shades, and I started sticking to mono or dual tone outfits. It’s needless to say that I’m a shopaholic and I’ve always decluttered my closet to replace them with new.

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